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Summary of product features and usage

Picture of GNSS voice wristwatch on the arm of a man in a suit.

Development Story

Until now, voice wristwatches have been developed and marketed on the premise that they are products for use by the visually impaired. Therefore, the focus has been only on functionality and not on fashion. In response to the market's need for a voice wristwatch that is also fashionable, we at INTEC have developed the GRUS voice radio-controlled wristwatches, a conventional product of ours. In the process of dealing with the GRUS voice radio-controlled wristwatches, we have received many comments from visually impaired people and para-sleuths overseas, such as 'I want a voice wristwatch that can be used overseas,' and 'I think it would be good if there were more luxurious voice wristwatches as well. 'I would like to have a voice watch that can be used overseas. We have received comments such as I want an audio wristwatch that can be used overseas. In response to these comments, we set out to create a high-performance, high-end voice wristwatch that could be used overseas. After three years of development, including specification, design, and fine-tuning of accuracy, the product was finally born in April 2023. In addition to functional enhancements such as automatic time correction by GNSS, six-language switching, and a brightness sensor, this voice-activated wristwatch features an advanced design with a simple, highly legible dial reminiscent of a pilot's watch.

Basic Functions

Introducing the basic functions of the GRUS GNSS Voice Watch

Time Notification By Voice

Picture of GNSS voice wristwatch with button at 2 o'clock position When you press the button at the 2 o'clock position provides an audible indication of the time; depending on whether the 12-hour or 24-hour system is set, it is possible to change the way the time is read out in the afternoon. For example, in the 12-hour system, the time announcement is "3:58. On the other hand, for a 24-hour system, the time announcement would be "3:58 p.m.".

Calendar Notification By Voice

Picture of GNSS voice wristwatch with button at 4 o'clock position When you press the button at the 4 o'clock position, the watch say current date and day of the week. An example would be the announcement "October 12, Thursday". The calendar information is also corrected when the GNSS signal is received, so it will not be out of alignment.

Brightness sensor

Picture of GNSS voice wristwatch with button at 3 o'clock position When you press the button at 3 o'clock, the watch informs the brightness of the surrounding environmen by beep.

The beep patterns of Brightness

Brightnes Beep Location Example
Less than 10 Lux Beep once Dark indoors or outdoors at night
10 Lux to less than 2,000 Lux Beep twice Indoor with lighting
2,000 Lux to less than 20,000 Lux Beep three times Cloudy outdoors
More than 20,000 Lux Long beep once. Outdoors under the Sun
Picture of a businessman opening a book with his hand wearing a GNSS voice wristwatch.

Features Only For GNSS Voice Wristwatch

Unique features you won't find anywhere else

GRUS GNSS Voice Watch maintains simplicity of operation while pursuing a high level of functionality. Here are some of the unique features of GRUS that are not found in other voice-activated watches.

  • Automatic Time Adjustment by receving GNSS Signals

    The watch automatically receives GNSS signals and automatically adjusts the time and date. One of the major problems with conventional voice wristwatches is that it is difficult for the visually impaired to adjust the time if the time is off. The GNSS Voice Watch can always indicate the exact time with this function. GNSS is a generic name for a set of satellites orbiting above the Earth. In Japan, the Quasi-Zenith Satellite MICHIBIKI is one such satellite.

    Satellite images
  • 6 languages switching

    The watch is available in 6 languages so that it can be used by visually impaired people not only in Japan but also around the world. Users can select their preferred language from Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Hindu, Korean, and Chinese.

    Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Hindu, Korean, Chinese
  • Brightness sensor

    The light is detected by a light collecting window installed on the dial of the wristwatch, allowing the user to know the brightness of the surrounding environment. It can be used as an indication of whether it is sunny or cloudy outdoors, and whether the lights are on or off indoors.

    Clip art of light bulb

Product Review Video

YouTuber Mr. Sam Who Has Visually Impaired

Picture of a black notebook and a smart phone. On top of the notebook is a GNSS voice watch.


Simple operation and an enchanting sense of luxury

The simple design is reminiscent of a high-end pilot's watch. The large crown also accentuates the watch's presence. The GRUS GNSS Voice Watch is a stylish and practical watch that blends seamlessly into your everyday life.

Close-up picture of the dial
Close-up picture of the crown


A total of four models are available in a combination of dial colors and belt types. All models have the same functions, size, and weight.


It is a combination of a cream dial and a black leather belt. The dial is bright and the belt is dark, making the dial the easiest to read.


Black dial and black leather belt. With its basic design, it can be matched with a variety of styles.


This is a combination of a cream dial and a silver stainless steel belt. The bright color scheme of the dial and belt makes the watch look bright and light on the wrist.


Black dial and silver stainless steel belt. Recommended for sporty styles and business scenes.


Push type buckle for easy attachment and removal. By first positioning and fixing the length, the belt can be used at the same length thereafter. The length can be adjusted by sliding the buckle, eliminating the need for troublesome frame filling for stainless steel belts.

Image of wearing genuine leather belt and stainless steel belt
Picture of open and closed genuine leather and stainless steel belts

If you wish to have the belt replaced, you can request our after-sales service to replace it with a genuine belt.

Picture of the front and back of the black genuine leather belt
Images of the front and back of the silver stainless steel belt


Items Contents
Materials Case : Stainless Steel / Back Cover : Stainless Steel / Windshield : Mineral Glass / Bezel : Aluminum / Leather Belt : Cow Leather (stamped) / Metal Belt : Stainless Steel / Buckle : Stainless Steel
Size Case : 45 mm (width) x 16 mm (thickness) / Belt : 22 mm (width) / Wrist circumference : 16.5 - 22 cm (leather belt) / 14 - 22 cm (metal belt)
Weight 98g (leather belt) / 153g (metal belt)
Battery CR3032 (about 2 years with 20 voice announcements per day)
Waterproof IPX3
Accessory Built-in battery for operation check, simplified instruction manual

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Package

Specially designed packaging, QR code to online manual on top

Package with sleeve removed
Close-up picture of the package